The Quick of the Sun

The sequel to Blazing the Sun is finally here!

Order it today on Amazon.

After 10 long years of waiting you will probably want to refresh your memory before embarking on this new adventure, so don’t forget to order the new, Second Edition, of Blazing the Sun while you’re at it. The text is very lightly revised, but the main change is that the interior has been fully re-set and reformatted.

Was the wait worth it? Trust me, the answer is: yes! This new book is awesome and I’m super proud of it! Please let me know what you think when you read it, and WE NEED AMAZON REVIEWS! If you like it, give us a review, even if it’s just a quick hit, “Good book, would read again!” :)

Don’t miss the ‘Author’s Postscript’ at the end of The Quick of the Sun, which apologizes for the long delay, explains some of the reasons why it has taken so long, and makes mention of the upcoming third and final installment of this trilogy.

We’re working to get the Kindle versions of these books up and available ASAP, as well as setting up library and bookstore distribution channels, so stay tuned for information about that, it should all be in order by the end of February and hopefully sooner.

My health issues are an everyday struggle and are constantly causing unexpected hurdles and delays, so please forgive me for the lack of professionalism in that regard.

Here is the blurb from the back of The Quick of the Sun to whet your appetite:

All ships have crossed the finish line and the Solar Regatta has come to an end. Samson Ford’s cigarette racer rockets mindlessly through space. What happens next?

A young woman is kidnapped.
A genetic experiment finds redemption.
A war begins against natural born people.
Viruses. Plague. Genocide. And worse?
One woman tries to save everything.
One man becomes more than a man.
There is a disruption to the tides on Earth.
And a monkey creature dies.

Blazing the Sun was only the beginning. Sit down, strap in, and brace for turbulence. The adventure continues here.

Amazon Links: Blazing the Sun (2nd Edition)The Quick of the Sun