Articles Index

This is an index of the articles published on The Granite Notebook. I distinguish between articles and mere ‘posts’, although there is no particular line between the two. Articles are posts that I tend to spend more time thinking about, planning, and editing.

Comedian Russell Peters and American Hegemony

  • In which I advance a brilliant theory about why comedian Russell Peters is relatively unknown to the United States.


Obscure Words are Obscure for a Reason

  • Uses and misuses of the infamous thesaurus.


The ‘Never’ Cut

  • A light-hearted examination of my attempt to emulate “a baby that has never had its hair cut” and therein develop a new and convenient grooming style. The experience of having a shaggy beard features prominently.


The Trouble With Lying

  • In which I discuss the self-publishing industry and offer an elegant ethical argument as to why lying is wrong.


What Became of America in My Lifetime

  • Where I dare to mention the historical shift that occurred after the fall of the Iron Curtain, in which the United States exchanged its dream of an age of democracy for the greed and gloss marketed bliss of an age of capitalism.


What I’m Doing When I Write

  • On language, art, and the writing process. More particularly, on my writing process. Possibly the finest thing ever written by a writer about writing. Or thereabouts.


Why Americans Don’t Embrace Soccer

  • A novel answer to the riddle of why professional soccer has never really been embraced by American sports fans.


Why Soccer? -And How Soccer is Like Boxing- A Letter to American Sports Fans

  • Where I discuss why soccer is the best sport in the world and the ways in which it is similar to boxing.


Why You Should Be a Writer

  • Which is a small list of good reasons for a person to write books.