Blazing the Sun: 2nd Edition

Hi everyone!

In preparation for the release of The Quick of the Sun (it should finally drop in the next week or two), which is the long awaited sequel to Blazing the Sun, we are also releasing a 2nd Edition of Blazing the Sun.

The 2nd Edition is very lightly revised, but the biggest difference is that all the interior text has been re-set and reformatted to match the formatting of The Quick of the Sun. It’s lovely and, tbh, a significant improvement on the 1st Edition which was our first ever book release. The cover has also been updated so that the two books (and the third when it comes out in a few years) will pair very nicely together on a bookshelf.

Since it has been so long, I know that many readers will want to re-read Blazing the Sun in anticipation of the new sequel. If you are able to, definitely pick up this new 2nd Edition version of the book, it is by far the nicest way to read Blazing the Sun and will pair more nicely with The Quick of the Sun.

As for those first editions… Collector’s item! :)

Blazing the Sun: 2nd Edition

The print version of the 2nd Edition is available on Amazon now! We will work on getting the e-book version out ASAP in the coming weeks.

Order it: HERE

And please leave me some nice book reviews, it doesn’t have any yet! :)

Stay tuned for the release of The Quick of the Sun, I know that many of you have been waiting a long time and believe me, you won’t be disappointed. This book is awesome!