New Cover for The Young Garden Manifesto

We’ve rehashed the cover for The Young Garden Manifesto with an awesome new design, check it out:


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The book’s original cover was done by an amazing artist who we also worked with for the cover of Blazing the Sun, and it got a lot of positive compliments and attention from people when we went to different conventions. So why did we want to change it? Continue reading

What I’m Doing When I Write

I recently attended the James Tiptree Jr. Symposium at the University of Oregon, which was an energetic and inspiring event. During one panel, Ursula K. Le Guin said that, “New artists often have to teach us how to read them.” My wife, Erica, immediately nudged me and said, “That’s you.”

I’ve been meaning to write about my writing for a long time. It seems like my work is unique, and often misunderstood. This is a common problem for artists whose work does not attempt to imitate other work that has previously been successful. When readers try to interpret such artists’ work through the lens of what they are already familiar with, instead of accepting it on its own terms, it is easy for them to feel that what is different is different because it is bad. Continue reading

Reading from my novel The Young Garden Manifesto

Did you read The Young Garden Manifesto yet? Did you not read it yet? (for shame!)

Here I am reading one of the New York City vignette chapters from the book. If you haven’t read it yet, this is a small taste of what you have been missing! If you have read it, this is the chapter that begins with, “To be read aloud.” Several readers have expressed interest in hearing a reading of this chapter, so this is it in the author’s own voice. Enjoy!
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