New Cover for The Young Garden Manifesto

We’ve rehashed the cover for The Young Garden Manifesto with an awesome new design, check it out:


click for full size

The book’s original cover was done by an amazing artist who we also worked with for the cover of Blazing the Sun, and it got a lot of positive compliments and attention from people when we went to different conventions. So why did we want to change it? Readers who were attracted to the previous cover seemed to be expecting something in the YA category, or perhaps something like Twilight books written by a man… Whereas The Young Garden Manifesto is a very poetic, to some extent experimental, work of contemporary fiction. So we needed to change it to something a little bit heavier and more starkly literary.

I’m really excited about this redesign and love the book’s new ‘clothes’. It looks sort of special sitting on my bookshelf, and hopefully will on yours too.