New Short Story is Up: “The Bastard”

Oh gosh, the time flies by. Sorry for the procrastination guys!

This month’s short story, “The Bastard”, is set in the aftermath of the sub-prime mortgage crisis during the Great Recession. It is about a man who is struggling through a mid-life crisis while trying to build an ambitious expansion onto his house. It’s a bit of slice of life, a bit of melancholy, a bit of humor, maybe a little bit of metaphor about the United States during the George W. Bush years… it’s a quick read that is well worth your time, so CHECK IT OUT!

The New Short Story is Up!

Ok, running a little bit late on this one, but the new short story is up on the Monthly Short Story page! The Last Man to Know Nothing imagines a future in which everyone in the world has been plugged into a neural network except for one lonely man who is left out of the loop. This story will probably come at you from unexpected directions and is extremely thought provoking, so please read it and enjoy!

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New Short Story: Above the Lake of Fire

I updated the monthly short story rotation with a new story!

Above the Lake of Fire” is the story of a young man and an old woman — who wants the young man to help her kill herself. It is a longer and much more serious piece than the last story, “W, Dick, and Bill” (which was a humor piece). By comparison, “Above the Lake of Fire” gives you an idea of the range and breadth of my work. …I’m supposed to say something here that intrigues you and makes you want to read the story… But I seem to not be very good at promoting myself, it’s so hard for me to find those words.

Well, “Above the Lake of Fire” is really a beautiful story that is well worth the effort of sitting down for a few quiet minutes and reading. It was inspired by the experience of watching my grandmother spin out the senility of her life for many years in a nursing home.


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