New Feature: Monthly Short Stories

Hi Folks,

I want to announce a new feature here on The Granite Notebook : a monthly short story rotation. I realized the other day that I have written quite a bit of awesome short fiction over the years and need to give readers here the opportunity to see some of it. Soon, probably early next year, I will publish a short story collection that will include many of these stories, but they are being published here for the first time. So readers of The Granite Notebook get to see them before everybody else. :)

You can see the link now in the menu bar above, and you can Continue reading

What Became of America in My Lifetime

I was born in 1980, which was 35 years ago. The dominant geo-political drama in the world 35 years ago was the struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union. In and around the year 1990, quite unexpectedly, the Soviet Union collapsed, and nearly every nation that had been a part of it converted rapidly from communism to some form of democracy. That was a historical shock! Nobody in 1985 was saying that the Soviet Union would be gone soon. It was exciting when the Soviet Union fell, it made you feel good as a human being to see it dissolve, to see democratic demonstrations succeed, to see the Berlin Wall smashed to bits by giddy, euphoric Berliners. It made you feel like there was hope for the world, for humanity — that good was destined to triumph over evil. It was, for us in the United States, a triumphant and beautiful time. We had been right, our values had prevailed, freedom rang louder and brighter across the globe, democracy marched forward inevitably. Our shining city on a hill would lead the way forward for them. Albeit, we weren’t perfect. Albeit, we had problems of our own. But our faults were relatively small, even our former enemies admitted that; we had no skeletons in our closet to compare to the likes of Stalin. Continue reading