Sneak Peek: the Sequel to Blazing the Sun

Today I have a special treat for you: A preview snippet from the upcoming sequel (title still classified) to Blazing the Sun !


            Burglars again tonight. I thought word would get around after the first ones. Too much chaos in this city. I don’t know if they’re dead, I left them in the dumpster outside like before. Mars was better than this. But this— It has its own appeal. This is nowhere land. Samson Ford started here. No wonder he was tough. When I think of him it makes me get teary eyed now. Strange. I don’t understand it. I could have killed him once. Now I feel some kind of guilt. For doing nothing. Guilt for nothing. I saved his life. He started in this nowhere land and I could end here. This city is so full of empty. I should try to cross the desert to Magdalena. Ha, as if they’d take me. I’m worse than genetically engineered to them. Samson’s brother even called me a monkey man. Life is a strange thing. I would have killed him then, too. He said that I was part baboon, as if he knew. As if he could have known. That was true. The genetic test showed that. Fucking idiot lab techs, blinking at it. I could have killed them, too.
            I don’t feel like I’m a man. I want to do something important.

                        – Scampadorous Maximus

The manuscript isn’t finished yet, but we are tentatively aiming for a Summer 2016 release date. I’ve been burning a lot of midnight writing oil to try to meet that goal. The book will be a little bit longer than Blazing the Sun, in the 500-600 pages range, and will pick up immediately from where Blazing the Sun left off.

Stay tuned for more info as we move into 2016!