Inaugural Post!

It’s finally time to create an official first post and start filling The Granite Notebook up with content! The website has been unofficially live for a few weeks now, but I have still been occupied with putting the final touches on it. There are a few little things left to do in that regard, but for the most part what remains is the whole point of the thing in the first place: to focus on writing articles and posts.

And I will be doing that in the immediate future. The posts will probably come in waves, sometimes several a week, sometimes only one or two a month, depending on how inspired and how busy I am. I don’t want any of the content to seem forced or to be filler — when you come here you should always be able to expect something genuine and thought provoking. That will sometimes mean that there isn’t constantly something new.

The Granite Notebook has been an idea percolating around in my head for about a year, but most of the work creating the site has been done in the past two months. This summer I happened to go back and look at some archives of my old website from the early 2000s, and was struck by how great it was (now being able to see it from something approaching an outside perspective) and the feeling that it could have become something big if I had stuck with it instead of taking it down after a few months. That inspired me to start work on this new site in earnest, and what you see here is the result.

So, welcome to The Granite Notebook! I hope you enjoy it here. And even more than that, I hope that you find what you read here to be thought provoking and memorable.

This post to be buried in the deluge: forthwith!