What Makes a Character Unsympathetic?

Gosh, I need to apologize for going so long without posting anything here! I caught a nasty flu over the holidays that derailed my workflow and has set me behind on everything. I have several big posts that I was working on for The Granite Notebook before the holidays and will try to get those finished soon.

But today I wanted to write something that is a little bit more extemporaneous.

This weekend my wife and I happened to watch the movie Arthur (1981), which we had never seen before. In fact, although it was a hit (the fourth highest grossing film of 1981), I’m not sure I had ever heard of it before this weekend. Arthur is a romantic comedy starring Dudley Moore (Arthur) and Liza Minnelli in which Moore plays a wealthy man-child whose only aspirations in life are to stay perpetually drunk and party. Continue reading

Comedian Russell Peters and American Hegemony

Russell Peters is a stand-up comedian who regularly sells out stadiums all over the world. He is a Canadian citizen with an act rooted in observational humor about life in the United States. Last year, his stand-up comedy routine earned him something like $20 million. But most people in the United States you have never heard of him. The mystery is: why?

Well, if you are from the United States and watch one of his specials, you will probably wonder about a different mystery: why is this not-very-funny comedian famous all over the world?

Russell Peters

Russell Peters

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