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There are many ways that you can support my work.

First and foremost, buy my books and read them! If you find meaning or entertainment in them, please tell others about it; spread the word. Write me a review on Amazon or Goodreads. All of these things are huge for me.

If you enjoy a post here on The Granite Notebook, please share it.

You, reading these words, are an early adopter. Merely in reading what I write, you help to manifest it. And I thank you.

You can also take a kind of spiritual ownership in this enterprise that is more concrete. You can become a direct patron. In the past, artists and intellectuals often depended on patrons for their support. The same things is true today, and becoming more true than ever. The big difference is that in the connected and efficient economy of the present artists can be supported by a collective of patrons, rather than depending on one or two wealthy individuals. In a sense, we are all now patrons, and the question is what we choose to patronize. You can be one of the patrons of my work, if you want to be.

Here are three ways:

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Support me through Patreon : an incredible service that allows you to make regular donations each month to your favorite artists and creators.

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