Read These Amazing Books I Have Written

I write novels. Two so far. They are very different books, so the people who enjoy one sometimes do not enjoy the other and vice versa. Although, many people enjoy both of them. Both books contain some intense content (violence, sex, suicide) and are written for an adult audience. But none of the content is salacious, and it is not anything that would make Stephen King blush (or James Joyce, for that matter).

The Young Garden Manifesto is my more recent book, and is a work of contemporary literary fiction inspired by my own experiences living in New York City and by experiences of other people that I was able to closely observe. It is a complicated, although not difficult, book that is concerned with large questions like how we tell stories, in the sense of how we convey our experiences to other people, and what is the meaning of those experiences or what do they add up to? It is also a love story, concerned with what it means to fall in love. And it is a coming of age story. To capture it in a soundbite, one could describe it as: Paradise Lost meets Bright Lights Big City.


My first book, Blazing the Sun, is a science-fiction adventure novel set in the future of our solar system. It tells the story of Samson Ford, a young racing pilot from a far flung religious colony whose inhabitants still believe in natural childbirth and forbid genetic engineering. He becomes embroiled in a feud with Martian gangsters, is targeted for assassination by leaders of a movement to ‘quarantine’ genetically inferior humans, and unwittingly enters into a romantic relationship with the most powerful woman in the Solar System. If he can stay alive long enough, his dream is to compete in the greatest spaceship race of all: the legendary Solar Regatta.

[I am currently in the process of writing this book’s much requested sequel.]